Suzanne's School of Dance and TUTU TOTS
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Studio Information

Tuition is a course fee not a class fee.  For your convenience, dance tuition is divided into payments which are due from September to May on the 1st of the month. 

Tuition Rates:
Length of class               Tuition per month
½ hour class per week             $32.00
¾ hour class per week             $36.00
1 hour class per week              $40.00
TuTu Tots combo class/week     $48.00

Two 1/2 hour classes do not equal a 1 hour class.

Registration Fee:  $15.00 per student
This nonrefundable fee includes registration into the school, studio newsletters, and mailings.

Family Discount:  The following is a breakdown of all discounts.  Family Discounts do not apply to private & semi-private lessons.
1 Lesson per week:                   Regular Rate
2 Lessons per week:                 10% off total
3 Lessons per week:                 15% off total
4 Lessons per week:                 25% off total
5 Lessons per week:                 30% off total
6 Lessons per week:                 35% off total
Lessons per week or more:      40% off total

Private Lessons:  Solos, duets and trio lessons are at the discretion of the faculty.  These lessons are based on the ability of the students and their progress in their regular weekly classes.  Any one student applying for a private lesson must be studying weekly classes in Ballet and must also be enrolled in a minimum of two classes.  Applications are available at the studio and fees are available upon request.