Suzanne's School of Dance and TUTU TOTS
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"Sarah loves to dance and after 13 years at the studio she hasn't changed her mind! As a three year old in her pre-dance class she was always smiling and now as a member of Senior Company and class assistant, her smiles are bigger and brighter. Sarah calls Suzanne's School of Dance her second home and her other family. I couldn't wish a better place for a young lady to "grow up". Miss Suzanne, Miss Ericka, Miss Kristen and Miss Vicky, thank you for making dance classes such a special time in my daughter's life. Can't wait for the new dance year to begin!" - L. Whitehead

"To those of you who are blessed with the opportunity to have Miss Suzanne teach your child the art and discipline of dance, do NOT pass it up. One of the few regrets I have of moving is not having her here to teach my grandchildren. She set the bar above and beyond. What she gave to my daughter was not only a Master of the Arts in Dance Education...she taught her concert etiquette, life skills, how to behave in the business world, and how to strive for excellence when the odds were against her. I cannot thank her enough for helping her raise my daughter. When I count my blessings each night, Suzanne and her one and only School of Dance are at the top of the list. Love and continued success always." - E. Covard

"Miss Suzanne has shaped my life in ways I couldn't even begin to express. She was a second mother, an instrumental role model, and my biggest inspiration for my whole life since I was 2. When other parents ran to studios that were lenient and their daughters sat and chatted, my mother knew discipline was what ballerinas were made of. She made me stick with Miss Suzanne until she didn't have to. I loved dancing more than life itself. Miss Suzanne taught me life lessons that stayed with me to this day. A fierce work ethic, smile through the pain, and most importantly, don't give up. Even when things seem completely lost and you can feel yourself giving in. 

I signed my daughter up for her first season of dance today and it was quite bittersweet. I'm so happy she will get to love dance the way I loved dance, but I wish so much Miss Suzanne was teaching her.

So, to all the dancers and parents who already go to Miss Suzannes school of dance, you don't know how lucky you are. And to all the parents looking for a good school to go to... this is the ONLY school to go to.

Not to mention she ACTUALLY went to school for dance. she is highly qualified and credentialed, and teaches proper technique. any other studio teaching pointe without credentials is seriously dangerous!"
- A. Covard

"My daughter has been dancing at Suzanne's for 4 years. We love it! Family atmosphere, fun classes. As a parent I love to see her grow in her dancing skills each year. She looks forward to class every week! Professional, kind and caring teachers!" - M Friedmann

"My daughter has been dancing at Suzanne's School of Dance since she was 2 years old and has learned so much and in a very caring environment. Best in Batavia!" - M Burns

"My daughter has been dancing here since she was 3, my oldest son danced here for a few years and now my youngest will be starting dance this year. Needless to say we are a dance family. Suzanne's School of Dance and all of the amazing, creative and caring teachers are a part of our family!!!!" - C Czubinski

"We love our SSD Family! My daughter has been dancing at Suzanne's since she was 3. Since then we have been driving from Chili to Batavia 3 times a week because we love this studio so much! The teachers and older girls are great role models! Emma is learning so much more than dance at the studio! She will take those lessons with her thru life! Thank you all!!" - J. Vislay

I just wanted to take the time to tell you how wonderful the show was Saturday evening. Everything from the Mom's organizing the gym, to the older girls helping out and answering questions of us new comers.  Our entire family was highly impressed.  I just have to mention Mady's first day of class when you had to pull her off of me to last night,  she said she was upset she was only on stage for two dances, and she wants to dance in everyone that Miss Molly danced in!!! ;) What a progression, so thank you for that!!! Hopefully you are all getting some much needed rest!!!  Congrats on a fabulous weekend, your hard work does not go unnoticed!" - L. Bock

"It has been such a great place to have my daughter dance since she was just 2yrs old. Such great friends she's made. Best dance family,teachers there are and the frosting on the cake is the dance recital. What a great show that is put on year after year!" - P. Markek